• All fired up about something.
  • All flesh is not venison.
  • All flowers are not in one garden.
  • All Fools' day.
  • All for naught.
  • All for one and one for all.
  • All for someone or something.
  • All for the best.
  • All for viis regieren ey wel, verden regieren med ringe viisdom.
  • All for/fours.
  • All four corners of the earth.
  • All fred giøres evig, dog den tit varer stakket.
  • All Freundschaft auch weit übertrifft
    Ein fromm Weib, das nichts Böses stift't.
    Georg Rollenhagen (1542-1609), Froschmeuseler
  • All fur coat and no knickers.
  • All generalizations are dangerous, even this one.
    Alexandre Dumas Père
  • All gesetz und recht sein drum geben, dass man möge in frieden leben.
    la] Vt pax servetur, legis moderamen habetur.
  • All Gesöff werees, säd de Gaus (od. Allens een Gedränk, säd de Gos), don har sei in soeben Pütten rümschnuckert.
  • All glory comes from daring to begin.
    Eugene F.Ware, John Brown
  • All gôd mit, se(de) de Maid, dô krêg se 'n Snîder.
  • All goes down gutter lane.
  • All gone.
  • All good things come to an end
    fr] Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin.
  • All good things go by (o. come, run in) threes.
  • All good things must come to an end.
  • All good things must end.
  • All great change in America begins at the dinner table.
    Ronald Reagan
  • All great minds run in the same channel.
  • All great pleasures in life are silent.
  • All griefs, with bread are less.
  • All guns blazing.
  • All gut' Ding hat ein Ende, und die Mettwurst hat zwei.
  • All hairy skins must not be singed.
  • All hands and the cook.
  • All hands on deck.
  • All hands to the pumps!
  • All hat, no cattle.
  • All heads are not sense-boxes.
  • All heart.
  • All heiresses are beautiful.
    John Dryden, King Arthus, 1, 1
  • All hell breaks/is let loose.
  • All hell broke loose.
  • All his geese are swans.
  • All his teeth should fall out except one to make him suffer.
    jiddisch] Ale tseyn zoln bay im aroysfaln, not eyner zol im blaybn oyf tsonveytung.
  • All holiday.
  • All hollow.
  • All horns and rattles.
  • All hot and bothered.
  • All hours of the day and night.
  • All hours.
  • All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire.
  • All human misfortunes have to be put up with.
    Cicero, Ad Atticum, 12,11
  • All important.
  • All in a fog.
  • All in a/the day's work.
  • All in all.
  • All in colloqial.
  • All in good part.
  • All in good time.
  • All in one (person) is to be found in no one.
    jiddisch] Alles in einem is nisht do bei keine.
  • All in one piece.
  • All in one's head.
  • All in one's mind.
  • All in the way of joke the wolf goes to the ass.
  • All in your head.
  • All in.
  • All is but toys.
  • All is fair in election time.
  • All is fair in love and war
    fr] En amour comme à la guerre, tous les coups sont permis.
  • All is fish that comes to a person's net.
  • All is gas and gaiters.
  • All is grist (that comes) to a person's mill.
  • All is luck or ill luck in this world.
  • All is not butter that comes from a cow.
    jiddisch] Alts iz nit puter vos kumt aroys fun der ku.
    אַלץ איז ניט פּוטער װאָס קומט אַרױס פֿון דער קו.
  • All is not butter that comes from the cow.
  • All is not butter the cow shits.
  • All is not gold that glitters.
  • All is not lost that is delayed.
    fr] Différé n'est pas perdu.
  • All is not lost that is in danger.
  • All is not lost, tat is delayed.
  • All is well, that ends well.
    fr] Rien n'est bien que ce qui finit bien.
  • All is well: for if the bride has not fair hair, she has a fair skin.
  • All it's cracked up to be.
  • All Joar 'n Jöhr un to'n Harwst noch 'n Spoatling.
    de] Alle Jahre ein Kind und im Herbst noch einen Spätling.
    info] Von fruchtbaren Ehegatten. Auch als scherzhafter, mit Protest zurückgewiesener Wunsch den Neuvermählten am Hochzeitstage. Von einem Ehepaar, bei dem das ungefähr eintrifft, heißt es: Se sünd as de Kanikels. Dat geiht as bî de Kanikels.
  • All joking aside.
  • All Käuh sünd ees Kälwer west.
  • All keyes hang not on one girdle.
  • All keys hang not at one woman's girdle.
  • All kidding aside.
  • All kinds of things may be born before the dawn.
  • all kinds of thoughts are going round in (o. fashing through) my mind
  • All kinds of.
  • All kinds/manner/sorts of.
  • All Kummer is Wenst.
    info] Gewohnheit macht alles leicht.
  • All lay loads on a willing horse.
  • All leaf and no fruit.
  • All legs and wings.
  • All Lives Matter.
  • All Lombard street to a China orange.
  • All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are moveable, and those that move.
  • All mankind love a lover.
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