• And elsewhere.
    la] Et alibi.
  • And everything of the kind.
    la] Et hoc/id genus omne.
  • And everywhere; scattered thought.
    la] Et passim.
  • And falsehood falsehood cures, as fire cools fire
  • And hang the cost.
  • And hat I twenty times so many foes,
  • And he or she did so.
    la] Et sic fecit.
  • And he that can rear up a pig in his house,
    Hath cheaper his bacon, and sweeter his souse.
  • And his mother.
  • And how.
  • And I am quite serious when I say that I do not believe there are, on the whole earth besides, so many intensified bores as in these United States.
  • And I don't mean maybe!
  • And I have heard it said, unbidden guests
  • And I too (Death) have been in Arcadia.
    la] Et ego in Arcadia.
  • And if, the following day, he chance to find
    A new repast, or an untasted spring,
    Blesses his stars, and thinks it luxury.
    Joseph Addison (1672-1719), Cato. Act 1, 4
  • AGE
  • And may at last my weary age
    Find out the peaceful hermitage,
    The hairy gown and mossy cell,
    Where I may sit and rightly spell
    Of every star that heaven doth shew
    And every herb that sips the dew;
    Till old experience do attain
    To something like prophetic strain.
    MILTON: Il Penseroso
  • And no messing.
  • And no mistake!
  • And not before time!
  • And oft whole sheets descend of sluicy rain,
    Suck'd by the spungy clouds from off the main:
    The lofty skies at once come pouring down,
    The promised crop and golden labours drown.
  • AGE
  • And on this forehead (where your verse has said
    The loves delighted, and the graces play'd)
    Insulting age will trace his cruel way,
    And leave sad marks of his destructive sway.
  • And one more for luck.
  • And other things; and other people.
    la] Et alia; et alii (et al.).
  • And pigs might fly.
  • And shit.
  • AGE
  • And sin's black dye seems blanch'd by age to virtue.
  • And so forth/on.
  • And so of similar things (or people).
    la] Et sic de similibus.
  • And so on and so forth.
  • And so the rest.
    la] Et sic de ceteris.
  • And some change.
  • And something to spare.
  • And spread the truth from pole to pole.
    Joseph Addison (1672-1719), The Spectator. Ode. No. 466
  • And stuff like that there.
  • And suchlike.
  • And that ain't hay.
  • And that's a fact.
  • And that's flat!
  • And that's that.
  • And the creature run from the cur? There thou might'st behold the great image of Authority: A dog 's obeyed in office.
  • And the following.
    la] Et sequens (et seq.).
  • And the like.
  • And the plains where Troy once was (Virgil).
    la] Et campose ubi Troia fruit.
  • And the rest; and so forth.
    la] Et cetera (etc.).
  • And then some.
  • And there you have it.
  • And there's none
  • And thereby hangs a tale.
  • And thereby hangs a tale.
    Shakspeare, Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung, IV, 1
  • And this and that.
  • And those who paint them truest, praise them most.
    Joseph Addison (1672-1719), The Campaign
  • And those.
  • And thus I clothe my nakes villainy
  • And to spare.
  • And too soon marr'd are those so early made.
  • And what have you.
  • And what not/and what have you.
  • And whatnot.
  • And who in want a hollow friend doth try
  • And wife.
    la] Et uxor (et ux.).
  • And with what measure you meet, it shall be measured you again.
  • And with your spirit.
    la] Et cum spiritu tuo.
  • And writers say, as the most forward bud
  • And yet, to say the truth, I had as lief have the fopperty of freedom as the morality of imprisonment.
  • And you too Brutus (Caesar's last words, actually were said in Greek).
    la] Et tu brute.
  • And you?
  • And your point is?
  • Anděl na cestě je čertem u krbu.
  • And'r Laits (Leute) Brūd is d'r Kend'r Säm'l.
  • And, for my love, I pray you wrong me not.
  • And, out of question, so it is sometimes,
  • Andą ą bridda sciolta.
  • Anda a cabra de roēa em roēa, como o bocejo de boca em boca.
  • Andį a cantarle a Gardel.
  • Andį a cantarle a Magoya.
  • Andą ą castrą i griddi.
  • Andą ą ceca bughjonu.
  • Andą ą fassi insita ą baracuccu.
  • Andį a la esquina a ver si llueve.
  • Andą ą passu di furmicula.
  • Andą ą pettiną i cani in Erbalunga.
  • Anda a raposa aos grilos.
  • Andą ą Roma č łn veda micca u papa.
  • Andą ą saettera.
  • Andą ą Sagru!
  • Andą ą scianchionu.
  • Anda a tu amo a sabor, si quieres ser servidor.
  • Andą ą vede i so parenti in Corti.
  • Anda a ver si el gallo puso.
  • Anda abrigado, come poco y duerme (en) alto, si quieres vivir sano.
  • Anda ao gosto do chefe, para seres do seu agrado.
  • Anda buscando tres pies al gato, y tiene cuatro.
  • Anda calēado, ą custa do senado.
  • Anda caliente, come poco, bebe asaz, y vivirįs.
  • Anda caliente, come poco, duerme en alto, y vivirįs sano.
  • Anda como dromedįrio.
  • Anda con Dios y con romadizo, la pierna quebrada y el cuadril salido.
  • Anda con malas pulgas.
  • Anda con tiento cuando tengas de cara al viento.
  • Andą da Erode ą Pilatu.
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