• At (one and) the same time.
  • At (the) worst.
  • At a bridge, a plank, (or) a river, the servant foremost, the master behind, 63
  • At a canter.
  • At a crossroads.
  • At a dangerous passage yield precedence.
  • At a dead end.
  • At a disadvantage.
  • At a discount.
  • At a distance you fool others, close at hand just yourself.
    jiddisch] Fun vaytn nart men laytn, fun neont zikh aleyn.
  • At a distance.
  • At a drop of a dime.
  • At a glance.
  • At a good bargain (o. pennyworth), make a pause (o. think twice).
  • At a good bargain pause and ponder.
  • At a good clip.
  • At a great bargain make a pause.
  • At a great river be the last to pass.
  • At a little fountain one drinks at one's ease.
  • At a lo(o)se end.
  • At a loss (for words).
  • At a low ebb.
  • At a moment's notice.
  • At a person's beck and call.
  • At a person's behest.
  • At a person's bidding.
  • At a person's discretion.
  • At a person's elbow.
  • At a person's feet.
  • At a person's hands.
  • At a pinch.
  • At a premium.
  • At a price.
  • At a push.
  • At a rate of knots.
  • At a round table there's no dispute of place.
  • At a run.
  • At a set time.
  • At a single blow.
  • At a single stroke.
  • At a sitting.
  • At a snail's gallop.
  • At a snail's pace.
  • At a stand.
  • At a standstill.
  • At a stretch.
  • At a tender age.
  • At a time.
  • At a venture.
  • At a word.
  • At a/one blow.
  • At a/one sitting.
  • At aagre er mich forbödet, thi mig mangler poa hoved-summen.
  • At about.
  • At aede tit vel, giør at man snart aeder ilde.
  • At agte langt og komme stakket mennesket veed ikke sin tid.
  • At all costs.
  • At all events, the next best thing to being witty one's self, is to be able to quote another's wit.
    Christian Nestell Bovee
  • At all events.
  • At all hours (of the day/night).
  • At all times pseudoprofound aphorisms have been more popular than rigorous arguments.
    Mario Bunge
  • At all times.
  • At an advanced age.
  • At an ambuscade of villains a man does better with his feet than his hands.
  • At an auction keep your mouth shut.
  • At an early date.
  • At an end.
  • At an impasse.
  • At an open chest the righteous sins.
  • At anchor.
  • At angre og troe, er beste boed.
  • At another day.
    la] Ad alium diem.
  • At any cost.
  • At any moment.
  • At any price.
  • At any rate.
  • At any streetcorner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face. As it is, in its distressing nudity, in its light without effulgence, it is elusive.
  • At arbeyde hører til menneskene; at arbeydet lykkes, hører Gud til.
  • At arm's length.
  • At around.
  • At bat.
  • At bay.
  • At beck and call.
  • At bede er tungere end arbeyde ondt at bede en om noget, nien verre at bede en uwerdig.
  • At bede og smöre sinker ei at kiöre.
  • At bede og spørge er hvermand frit, thi afslag følger derpaa tit.
  • At bedrage en pengene af pungen og stiele dem, er snart det samme.
  • At beede og smøre, sinker ei at kiøre.
  • At beginde, fare fort og fuldende hörer sammen.
  • At begynde der man endte, skarve der det brast, øge der det slap.
  • At best.
  • At betale med liige myndt.
  • At betalle den sidste kaerv med cølns vaegt.
  • At betroe raeven hønsene, ulven faarene, bukken abild-haven at vogte.
  • At betroe ulven faarene, bukken abild-haven (traegaarden), raeven hønsene at vogte.
  • At bie en efter, som k? bier anden i graesset.
  • At bie og lide, stiller mangen en Qvide.
  • At binde an noget paa ermel (byve een fold).
  • At binde hunden ved pølsen.
  • At bona pars hominum decepta cupidine falso,
    ?Nil satis est?, inquit, ?quia tanti, quantum habeas, sis.
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