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  • A mal hablador, discreto oidor.
  • A mal mortal no hay hierba que val.
  • A mal mortale né medico né medicina vale.
  • A mal mortale, né medico, né medicina vale.
  • A mal mortel, remède ne médecine.
  • A mal ne faut signature.
  • A mal ne songe, à mal ne vient.
  • A mal ñudo mal cuño.
  • A mal nudo, mal cuño.
  • A mal ñudo, mal cuño.
  • A mal ou bien manger, trois fois convient trinquer.
  • A mal paso, pasar postrero.
  • A mal passo l'onore.
  • A mal pasteur le loup chie laine.
  • A mal pisto, buena sangre de cristo.
  • A mal principio, no hay buen fin.
  • A mal que no tiene remedio, no hay más que ponerle buena cara.
  • A mal rey, mala grey.
  • A mal sarmiento, buena podadera.
  • A mal temps, bona cara
    var] A mal tiempo, buena cara.
  • A mal tiempo, buena cara.
  • A mal viaje, manta nueva.
  • A mal viento va esta parva.
  • A mal villano non gli dar bacchetta in mano.
  • A mal vivir, mal morir.
  • A mal.
  • A mala cabeza, buenas son piernas.
    var] A mala cabeza, buenos pies.
  • A mala cama, buen sueño.
    var] A mala cama, colchón de vino.
  • A mala carne, buena salsa.
  • A mala costumbre, quebrarle la pierna.
  • A mala cuenta, no hay providencia buena.
  • A mala gente, envidia fuerte.
  • A mala leña un buen brazado.
  • A mala lengua, buena tijera.
  • A mala llaga, mala gerva.
  • A mala lluvia, buen paraguas.
  • A mala paga, siquiera en pajas.
  • A mala suerte, envidia fuerte.
  • A mala venta, mala cuenta.
  • A malade qui doit vivre, l'eau est un remède.
  • A malas cenas y a malos almuerzos, angostase las tripas y alarganse los pescuezos.
  • A malas hadas, malas bragas.
  • A malas piernas, buenas muletas.
  • A maldade bem sucedida é a desgraça dos bons.
  • A maldade consegue tudo.
  • A maldade consigo se castiga.
  • A maldade de alguns é a infelicidade de muitos.
  • A maldade de alguns é a infelicidade de todos.
  • A maldade e a discrição são os pilotos do mundo.
  • A maldade é mais comum aos homens do que às mulheres.
  • A maldade é o pior de todos os defeitos.
  • A maldade é um método astuto e pérfido de enganar.
  • A maldade é uma grande enfermidade da alma.
  • A maldade elogiada ficará intolerável.
  • A maldade, para se tornar pior, se mascara de bondade.
  • A maldição capital.
  • A male estremo rimedio violento.
  • A maledicência é freqüente.
  • A malheur et grand encombrier, patience vaut un bon bouclier.
  • A mali estremi estremi rimedi.
  • A mali estremi, estreme cure.
    var] A mali estremi, estremi rimedi.
    A mali estremi, rimedi estremi.
  • A malícia nada pode contra a sabedoria.
  • A malícia tem vista fraca e memória forte.
  • A malícia, quem não a faz, não a cuida.
  • A malignant sore throat is a danger; a malignant throat not sore is worse.
  • A malin, malin et demi.
    pt] A maluco, maluco e meio.
  • A malis hominibus tutissimum est cito effugere.
  • A malis igitur mors abducit, non a bonis.
  • A malos ratos, buenos tragos.
  • A malotru la belorce.
  • A Malpica? Atrás borrica.
  • A maluco, maluco e meio.
  • A malvais chien queue luy vient
  • A mamar, todos nacen sabiendo.
  • A man 's mark is concealed in him, an animal's mark displayed.
  • A man af straw is worth a woman of gold.
  • A man after my own heart.
  • A man among children will be long a child, a child among men will be soon a man.
  • A man among men.
  • A man apt to promise is apt to forget.
  • A man assailed is half overcome.
  • A man assaulted is half taken.
  • A man at five may be a fool at fifteen.
  • A man at sixteen will prove a child at sixty.
  • A man at thirty must be either a fool or a physician.
  • A man becomes a scholar by questioning.
  • A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her.
  • A man can die but once.
  • A man can die just once.
  • A man can do no more than he can.
  • A man can only do what he can do. But if he does that each day he can sleep at night and do it again the next day.
    Albert Schweitzer
  • A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.
    Charles Schwab
  • A man can't be too careful in the choice of his enemies.
    Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
  • A man can't get rich if he takes proper care of his family.
  • A man can't wive and thrive the same year.
  • A man cannot be a good physician if he has never been sick himself.
  • A man cannot be known unless he gets angry.
  • A man cannot carry all his kin on his back.
  • A man cannot give what he hasn't got.
  • A man cannot live by air.
  • A man cannot live by the air.
  • A man cannot spin and reel at the same time.
    var] A man cannot whistle and drink at the same time.
  • A man conducts himself abroad as he has been taught at home.
  • A man dances all the same, though he may dance against his will.
  • A man does not always aim at what he means to hit.
  • A man does not have to attend church to be a Christian.
  • A man does not look behind the door unless he has stood there himself.
  • A man does not plant a tree for himself; he plants it for posterity.
    Alexander Smith, Dreamthorp, 2
  • A man does not seek his luck, luck seeks its man.
  • A man far from his good is nigh his harm.
  • A man for all season's.
  • A man forewarned is as good as two.
  • A man forewarned is worth two.
  • A man Friday.
  • A man full of courage is also full of faith.
  • A man gets no thanks for what he loses at play.
  • A man had better have a dule than a dawkin.
  • A man had better have a good character rather than a handsome face.
  • A man had better ne'er been born,
    As have his nails on a Sunday shorn.
  • A man has choice to begin love, but not to end it.
  • A man has learned much who has learned how to die.
  • A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit.
    Elton Trueblood (1900-1994)
  • A man has many enemies when his back is to the wall.
  • A man has no more goods than he gets good by.
  • A man has often more trouble to digest meat than to get it.
  • A man hath many enemies when his back is to the wall.
  • A man I am cross'd with adversity.
    William Shakespeare
  • A man in a passion rides a horse that runs away with him.
  • A man in debt is caught in a net.
  • A man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots, whose flower and fruitage is the world.
    Ralph W. Emerson, 1803 - 1882
  • A man is a divine companion to another, as well as a devilish one.
  • A man is a fool or a physician at fifty.
  • A man is a lion in his ain cause.
  • A man is a lion in his own cause.
  • A man is a man, though he hath never a cap to his crown.
  • A man is a man, though he have but a hose on his head.
  • A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.
    Bob Dylan
  • A man is a worker. If he is not that he is nothing.
    Joseph Conrad
  • A man is as old as he feels himself to be.
  • A man is as old as he feels, and a woman as old as she looks.
  • A man is bound by his word, an ox with a hempen cord.
  • A man is cosmos in his self.
  • A man is his own island.
  • A man is judged by the company he keeps.
  • A man is known by his appearance (o. friends).
  • A man is known by his friends.
  • A man is known by the company he keeps.
  • A man is known by the company he shuns.
  • A man is little the better for liking himself, if nobody else like him.
  • A man is not a horse because he was born in a stable.
  • A man is not a lord because he feeds off fine dishes.
  • A man is not better than his conversation.
  • A man is not good or bad for one action.
  • A man is not honest simply because he never had a chance to steal.
  • A man is not known till he cometh to honour.
  • A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams..
  • A man is not so soon healed as hurt.
  • A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.
  • A man is the only animal that can be skinned more than once.
  • A man is the same at seventy as he is at seven.
  • A man is valued according to his own estimate of himself.
  • A man is weal or woe,
    As he thinks himself so.
  • A man is weel o wae,
    As he thinks himself sae.
  • A man knows himself best, where his sore lies.
  • A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.
  • A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.
  • A man mag lose his goods for want of demanding them.
  • A man may be good in the camp, yet bad in the church.
  • A man may bear still his back breaks.
  • A man may bear till his back breaks.
  • A man may buy gold too dear.
  • A man may dig his grave with his teeth.
  • A man may do without a brother, but not without a neighbour.
  • A man may hap to bring home with him what makes him weep.
  • A man may hold his tongue in an ill time.
  • A man may lead a horse to the water, but he cannot make him drink (unless he will).
  • A man may lead a horse to water, but cannot make him drink.
  • A man may learn wit every day.
  • A man may live upon little, but he cannot live upon nothing.
  • A man may live upon little,
    But he cannot live upon nothing at all.
  • A man may lose his goods for want of demanding them.
  • A man may lose more in an hour than he can get in seven.
  • A man may love his house well, though he ride not on the ridge.
  • A man may love the kirk well, and yet not ride on the ridge.
  • A man may see it with half an eye.
  • A man may talk like a wise man, and yet act like a fool.
  • A man may tell a lie till he believes it.
  • A man may threaten yet be afraid.
  • A man may well bring a horse to the water, but he cannot make him drink.
  • A man must drive his energy, not be driven by it.
    William Frederick Book
  • A man must eat, though every tree were a gallows.
  • A man must have his bread from his home, and his companion from his own village.
  • A man must insult himself before others will.
  • A man must keep his mouth open a long while before a roast pigeon flies into it.
  • A man must make his own arrows.
  • A man must not leave the king's highway for a pathway.
  • A man must plough with such oxen as he has.
  • A man must plow with such oxen as he hath.
  • A man must sell his ware at the rates of the market.
  • A man need not look in your mouth to know how old you are.
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